Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Ready for American Idol

Newcomer Jennifer Lopez swears that as a team she, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson have brought back the “fun” that supposedly dwindled over the past few seasons.

Lopez is excited to start her new role and says that the style of judging this season will be more of a collaborative effort than ever before. She says that because all of the judges have experience in the music business, they will be able to give contestants real advice on how to become successful.

Lopez also just released a new single, On the Floor with Pitbull, and she is apparently open to the idea of performing it on American Idol sometime this season. Welcome back, Jenny Lo

New judge Jennifer Lopez visits Ellen's show and talks with her about the new gig.

“I was nervous, sure. I was nervous about saying the right thing at the wrong time, or the wrong thing at the right time,” he explained. “It’s gotten easier. It does get easier. For the first couple (of contestants) I didn’t want to be cruel, I’ve got three daughters. I know people have a voice, they are born with a voice, but that’s not what we are here for. Randy keeps reminding me that it is 2011, ‘American Idol,’ high standards, high bar, and they have got to go through that and I’ve got to be able to see that, see the whole thing.” said J-Lo.

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