Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facebook Backs Down Controversy on Apps address and Cell number

Facebook has backtracked over a new feature that would have shared users' addresses and mobile phone numbers with developers of applications on the popular social networking site. Facebook announced the change late Monday night was met with howls of protest from privacy advocates.

Facebook said it would make user phone numbers and addresses available to developers via the company's "User Graph object," or the permissions required to install an app. When a user installs an app, they currently see a menu that details what information the app must access. Facebook planned to add phone numbers and addresses to the list of accessible information.

In a Tuesday blog post, Sophos's Chester Wisniewski said "it is great news that Facebook is responding to the outrage about this recent change, but I wonder if most users will be satisfied with their eventual solution." said Chloe Albanesius, a writer

Privacy concerns over Facebook are nothing new. The company has a history of surprising its users with tweaks to the site that potentially leave their personal information more exposed. Facebook also has a habit of testing the waters with such changes and then backtracking when people complain.

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