Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tina Beznec : "YOUR tattoo on my Bum!!", auction on her butt for a tattoo

Tina Beznec, woman from New Zealand, has come up with a very creative way to make money, Tina Beznec is auctioning her 9cm by 9cm space on her butt for a tattoo. She set up the Trade Me auction "YOUR tattoo on my Bum!!" on New Zealand auction site

She posted on “You might think I am crazy for doing this!

The New Zealand auction page had racked up a staggering 170,000 views - with bidders already offering nearly $11,000 New Zealand Dollars.

She claimed that she is struggling financially after being made redundant twice over the past year.

Tina Beznec will donate 20 percent of the money she makes to charity.

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