Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hot Video Feel A Boob Day is Malware on Facebook

Feel A Boob DayFacebook has become an easy tool in the spread of malware. Each year many new malware that continues to be made for the purpose of a particular person. In Facebook distributing malware certainly a lot by just spreading the hot video link, but with as good viewer forehead take over facebook and redistribute without the knowledge of the owner of the Facebook link.

The video is quite intriguing because, entitled "Feel A Boob Day".

The problem is when the page opens a pop-up that asks users to install an application called YouTube Player. If clicked, the user will be prompted to install Add On your browser. Actually,

Chrome or Firefox already gave a warning about installing this extension.

Let’s follow this way to avoid click Malware on Facebook :
  1. Immediately delete / remove Add on / extension installed, because that is the troublemaker autopost malware on Facebook
  2. Do not even click something smells raunchy, this trick is stale because people try on your think anyone who would deliberately spread the hot video link in Facebook being driven unless the second party.
  3. Suspect short Urls usage on FB because it usually means the link is used to hide the contents of the actual link.
  4. Although the post is your friend think about it once again! logically possible that your friends share something vulgar or at least not if yes then at least your friends will comment on the link.
  5. This malware links spread massively, sometimes spread within an interval of only a few seconds.

Remember! Security him up until now has not been too good because it still wandering this model allowing malware. Eliminate thought facebook was safe so that makes you forget the simple logics.

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