Friday, January 13, 2012

Breaking Wind Trailer - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Parody

Breaking Wind Trailer - Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Parody. Looks like movie parody is intended to 'ride' the popularity of recent movies that part of the Twilight Saga are both to be released in November this year.

Breaking Wind movie trailer has just been released by Lionsgate. The trailer also made ​​almost exactly with the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1, where the scene opens with Edward and Bella's wedding. But all the scenes with the stretcher in parodikan hilarious.

Could this be possible leaked footage with Peter Facinelli from the Twilight film, Breaking Dawn ?

Including the appearance of Jacob Black and human friends seriagalnya that if in the Twilight Saga series is famous for his six-pack,

in this film actually obese and displayed at all far from being athletic.

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