Friday, January 13, 2012

Apple iPhone 4S Sales in China Stores Delayed

Apple has delayed the sale by retail iPhone 4S through the Apple China Store because the prospective buyers are not controlled.

Thousands of people in the district of Sanlitun, Beijing has been waiting in line all night in front of the Apple Store to buy the iPhone 4S will go on sale at 7 am, when outside air temperatures are extreme, reaching minus 9 degrees Celsius. At 7:15 a.m., people began chanting “Open the door!” and “Liars!” after an unidentified man said over a bullhorn that the phone wouldn’t go on sale today, without giving an explanation.

But seeing the people very much and for security reasons, Apple decided not to sell the iPhone 4S. The result was predictable, buyers are queuing up, frustrated and disappointed after waiting all night finally clashed with police, followed by verbal abuse and throwing eggs at the Apple Store.

Fear of unrest will happen again eventually cancel the sale of Apple iPhone 4S in all retail stores in Beijing and Shanghai. But fortunately enthusiasts iPhone 4S in China still can buy them online or directly from the mobile operator. View full the original story Apple iPhone 4S Sales in China Stores Delayed

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