Friday, December 23, 2011

Video : Naked thief caught by police dog

Video of a police dog chased the thief makes a scene without clothes, excited in cyberspace. This incident occurred in Whittier, California, United States. Want to know?

According to the Telegraph, this man has stolen Hummer limo and being chased the police car. When the chase, the thief decided to leave the vehicles stolen in the middle of the road.

When he got out of the stolen car, the man is found not wearing a thing. Police dog was quickly caught in a chase scene is tense.

Here's A naked man who had stolen a Hummer video :

Captured on camera by a helicopter above, smoke was seen billowing from the tyres of the vehicle just before the thief decided to continue on foot.

Quickly captured, the police dog managed to hold the unidentified man at bay until officers could restrain him. View full the original story Naked car thief caught by police dog

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