Friday, December 23, 2011

Hayley Atwell : No Sex Scene with Chris Evans in Captain America

Actress Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter in the movie 'Captain America' considered a good thing there are no sex scenes with Chris Evans.

Atwell told Bang Showbiz: "I really liked it that there was no sex scene in the script because I thought, 'That was very refreshing and innocent and how traditional.' I think it was more in-keeping with the time.

"I've got a romantic notion that in the 40s there were classy ladies who had built up their relationships with men and subtle flirtation would go on for weeks before the final deal was sealed. And I think that's more exciting because you're not giving as much away. I wanted the audience to come away and think, 'I think that couple did actually really love each other.' "

The 29-year-old actress generally finds filming sex scenes to be "funny," but she admits it can also be "weird" being naked in front of a male production team who seem to be "enjoying it.

Hayley Atwell added: " Sex scenes are so funny to shoot, you are naked in them and both wearing nappies or covers. It's often a bit cold on set and you're in a warehouse or a studio and you're surrounded by guys who feel very uncomfortable and they are all trying to be respectful but they seem to be enjoying it at the same time. So there is a lot of weird stuff going on."

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