Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Pose for Playboy Leaked

LINDSAY LOHAN PLAYBOY COVER LEAKED. Lindsay Lohan Pose for Playboy! That's the strategy 25-year-old beleaguered actress Lindsay Lohan announced she'd be going with after the fabled adult mag offered her $1 million to strip down in front of the camera a few months back. The actress had scheduled a sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime show next week to discuss the cover.

The cover image appears on the Web site, showing Lohan straddling a red plastic chair shaped to look like the iconic Playboy bunny.

The "Mean Girls" star had to reshoot the magazine spread because her first set of photos weren't up to Playboy's standards.

Lohan posed for the Playboy magazine in October, but Playboy head honcho Hugh Hefner was not completely satisfied with the original images. The magazine hits newsstands on Dec. 15

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