Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Look Intimate

Actor Ryan Reynolds seemed to undergo more serious love affair with a former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively. Now, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively look more intimate.

As reported by Showbiz Spy, Tuesday (18/10/2011) Blake recently visited Ryan in Boston, USA. On Monday (10.17.2011), they were spotted having dinner at Mistral Bistro.

"Their relationship was getting serious," said one friend Ryan.

Though this is not the first time they have been spotted together (Disneyland in October ring any bells?)it does seem like the two are getting to be more than just friends, though neither side has confirmed this.

Already some of this week, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively often spend time together. Ryan also had a chance to fly to New York to meet with Blake on the set of 'Gossip Girls'.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively began to close since they starred in 'Green Lantern'. In the film, Ryan served as Hal Jordan, while Blake appeared as Carol Ferris.

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