Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nabila Nanfuka killed in Fatal incident at Lava and Ignite club in Northampton

Nabila Nanfuka, 22-year-old Northampton University student, who was studying leisure and tourism, died after Fatal incident at Lava and Ignite club in Northampton.
Nabila Nanfuka, from Neasden in North London, was believed to have been trampled to death in a 'stampede' as clubbers tried to leave the venue, it was claimed.

Nanfuka was killed during a 'stampede' in the overcrowded club as revellers rushed for the exit.

James Adetula, 21, who said he was a friend of Ms Nanfuka, told the BBC: "It was a uni night and they had come from all over. It was so busy that some had to go to another club nearby."
He said there was an announcement that signalled the end of the night, which forced clubgoers towards the exit.

He said: "It was 'everybody the coaches are leaving, make your way to the exits' so everyone went for the exits.

"Then next minute the fire alarm went off and everyone started panicking.
"There was obviously a stampede of people in there when the fire alarm went off."
A spokesman from the University of Northampton said the university was talking to police.
A multi-agency investigation is taking place inside the club and there is a police guard outside the premises.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesman said: "The fatal and critical injuries are all thought to be the result of crushing but the police investigation into this incident is continuing to establish what happened."

A statement on the nightclub's website said the venue would be closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Brian Binley, Conservative MP for Northampton South, said his reaction to the news was "one of horror, as I imagine many people will react, one of great sadness for the loss of a young life and for injury to other young people".

He added: "I am calling for a full and open public inquiry so that we can find out exactly what happened. I would hope that inquiry could make recommendations... that would make these places safer for young people."

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