Sunday, July 10, 2011

After Paige Duke Fired NASCAR, She want remove her nude photos from a website

Model Paige Duke, 24, has been fired as one of NASCAR's three 'Sprint Cup Girls' had nude photos leaked over the internet. Fired from NASCAR Miss Sprint Cup Duties over Nude Photos, Duke was one of three Miss Sprint Cup models whose job it was to do meet and greets with fans during NASCAR events. However, this is another cautionary tale of what young adults should not do. Unbeknownst to her, naked photos Paige had taken at 18 for her then boyfriend had been circulating around the Internet. Duke's past had caught up with her in a vicious way.

Duke says her attorneys worked to remove the images from a website and are trying to figure out how they were released in the first place.

Duke says she hopes girls learn the lesson that private pictures don't always stay private

Paige Duke stated, "I just burst out into tears. I couldn't believe this was coming back from six years ago. I never intended for anyone to see them but my ex-boyfriend. I was in love with him. I was naïve and young."

Through this tragic event, Paige Duke is trying to hold her head high. It is clear that she has learned a valuable lesson the hard way. Now, Duke wants to ensure it won't happen to someone else. It is always the hardest lessons that are most easily remembered.

Paige Duke said, "I can teach young girls that they need to learn a lesson from me, and hopefully, I can save some other girls from going through this someday. Anything you think is private probably won't be private one day."

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