Thursday, February 3, 2011

Video Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt Cairo And Crew

CNN reporter, Anderson Cooper, was attacked in Cairo, Wednesday. In Cooper's video, you can see people walking in the direction once some Cooper's team when they tried to get out of the square through a large crowd of Mubarak supporters. When the team started running frantically along, they were ordered by some Egyptian people are friendly to walking, or else it will be interpreted as an encouragement to the crowd violence.

Video Anderson Cooper attacked in Egypt Cairo And Crew

"We were set upon by pro-Mubarak supporters, punching us in the head, attacking my producer," Cooper said.

In the hours since the attack on Cooper's team, it has become apparent that journalists were a target, Wednesday. According to MSNBC's Richard Engle and Al Jezeera, other journalists were attacked similarly during the day.

Since then, Tahrir Square has become the site of bloody clashes, largely instigated by pro-Mubarak protesters, some of them police in disguise

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