Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hot News Ines Sainz back to Super Bowl Media Day XLV in Dalas

The Mexican television reporter, Ines Sainz who prompted the NFL to introduce new code of conduct rules, grabbed the Super Bowl spotlight and she said today at Super Bowl Media Day that she didn't have a problem the way she was treated by several players in the locker room and on the practice field two days before the team's regular season opener.

Last September, Ines Sainz triggered an NFL investigation when it was reported the former model had the subject of an alleged incident of sexual harassment in the Jets' locker room.  The NFL investigated the incident and concluded that Sainz was treated unprofessionally.

She said the incident had left her feeling "uncomfortable," she appeared at ease while joining thousands of other reporters working the sidelines on Super Bowl Media Day.

NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said the NFL hadn't changed the credentialing procedure to limit the number of self-promoters.

So, welcome to Super Bowl Media Day in Dalas, Ines, it’s perfectly safe and accepting here.

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