Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Roommate Rule The Friday Night Box Office

Roommate thriller has captured the top spot at the box office following its release in theaters. Leighton Meester dan Minka Kelly telah meraup $ 6.400.000. That result is quite interesting for the Sony film, which cost only $ 8 million to produce.
TV for "The Roommate", a new campus thriller - it is clear that this movie contains: beautiful people in college, beautiful people in college high going crazy and beautiful people

The Roommate, about a college student (Minka Kelly) who discovered that his dorm-mate (Leighton Meester) is kind of crazy individuals freshman in college.

Sara Matthews (Kelly) is a freshman at the fictional University of Los Angeles. She's studying fashion and as luck would have it, her new dorm-mate Rebecca (Meester) is a local from Beverly Hills who has a closet full of designer outfits. But when it comes time to share like all roomies do, Rebecca keeps her secret journal close while trying to "borrow" everything from Sara. Perhaps someone is getting a little obsessed?

A locket Sara has from her deceased sister? Gone. And some hand drawn sketches of Sara by Rebecca? On almost every wall. All that's needed is a defenseless animal. Oh, found: a kitten named Cuddles.

Leighton Meester getting her crazy on as the roommate from hell to her new BFF,

Minka Kelly. Let the battle of the TV hotties begin! If you can go with this Single White Female

Although "The Roommate" is clearly an update of "SWF," the dorm setting is more effective than the original's spacious Manhattan apartment. We all know someone who's suddenly thrown into a tight living space with a person who quickly becomes less than ideal.

Everything starts out nicely as the two become friends. Although when obsession and lies are stirred by Rebecca (Meester), Sara’s (Kelly) world is twisted upside down. With two lovely ladies flaring the screen, these two from Friday Night Lights (Minka Kelly) and Gossip Girl (Leighton Meester) will sure help pull the ladies to the theaters, but guys two good looking girls might make this worth your while.

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