Sunday, February 6, 2011

Apple will plan to release IOS 3.4 and IPad 2 and iPod Touch on Valentine's Day

One rumor that the 14th of February, Apple will plan to release IOS 3.4 and 2 IPAD and iPod Touch.

According MacNotes, Apple's plan is to hold the event next week featuring developers will both IOS 4.3 and iPad 2. They believe that the iPad 2 will be unveiled as a surprise at the end of the event.

And the rumors seem true, Because They coincide and support EACH other. 2 iPad has changed from one of the hottest rumors on iWorld for installments months, and will from some icing on the cake for Apple to debut two iPad at the event, along with, That earnest IOS 4.3 enabled mobile hotspot.

But it all does not matter. And will correct the weight that I would make the rumor that your girlfriend will not come on valentine day later, so do not expect you'll get chocolate from him.

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