Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pregnant Reporter of Al Jazeera TV Refused to Remove Bra for Security Check

Pregnant Al Jazeera reporter objects to 'humiliating' Israeli security checks. A pregnant newswoman from the Arab Al Jazeera television network walked out of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's annual foreign press conference after security officials asked her to remove her bra.

Najwan Simri Diab said that she was taking aside for a security exam and was asked by a female security guard to remove her bra or she would not be able to enter the event.

“We waited for half-an-hour and saw more Arab journalists joining our queue. In fact, they created a queue for Arabs and a queue for other journalists,” Najwan Simri Diab (31) told news portal Ynetnews.

“I was left in only a tank top and pants and they told me that if I didn’t remove my bra I wouldn’t be able to enter so I left,” Simri Diab said Wednesday.

Ms Simri, who is in the early stages of pregnancy, said she was ushered on arrival into a queue of other Arab journalists where she waited upwards of half an hour before she was taken out for a strip-search. A female officer then roughly groped her and insisted on using a metal detector even after being told her of her condition, the producer claimed.

Ms Simri then demanded her clothes back, saying that she wanted to leave, but was forced to endure another lengthy wait in her slip. She and a female colleague who had not yet been searched walked out. "I have no problem with security, but I felt this was done not to check me, but rather because I am an Arab," Ms Simri said.

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