Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama's Video at The Tucson Memorial (Video)

Obama's Video at The Tucson Memorial. The Tucson Memorial Service at the University of Arizona was pathetic. Nearly 30,000 people gathered at the University of Arizona's McKale Memorial Center for Wednesday's service in honor of the six people who died and the 14 who were wounded in Saturday's mass shooting that shook the nation.

"I have come here tonight as an American who, like all Americans, kneels to pray with you today and will stand by you tomorrow," Obama said at the memorial service, held at the University of Arizona's McKale Center. "There is nothing I can say that will fill the sudden hole torn in your hearts. But know this: the hopes of a nation are here tonight. We mourn with you for the fallen. We join you in your grief. And we add our faith to yours that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other living victims of this tragedy pull through."

The rest of the speeches, especially President Obama’s, may have made relatives feel a wee bit better. But, it was only for their names being mentioned in this spotlight of tragic fame. Not for the uplifting words or triumphant, transcendent ideas.

The Tucson Memorial

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