Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Robs Banks

Obama Robs Banks. Weeklyworldnews make splashy news again. Weeklyworldnews make the post of President Obama has robbed a bank in Austria to fuel the U.S. economy. With Obama showing photos like a robber.

"It has been rumored That the President will from the pull together the cast of Ocean's Eleven and Twelve Thirteen but not, no one saw That one so what's the point, in order to pull off his Chinese Bank Heist; code name: Oriental Express. George Clooney, however, will from not be Able to do the job since he recently contracted malaria, again, the which the President has really bummed out.

Completion of this holdup Potentially Would allow the U.S. to secure its position as the number one economic super power as well as giving Them the opportunity to buy back Alaska from the Russians. However, many Democrats are not sure That this would be the best use of funds."

That's how Weeklyworldnews dare to post news that is not feasible. After the post issue Facebook will be closed March 15

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