Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Melissa Etheridge Will Join ‘American Idiot’

Melissa Etheridge joins 'American Idiot' on Broadway for one week.

Broadway's American Idiot is trading in one Grammy-winning rock star for another, with Melissa Etheridge set to join the cast of the Green Day musical. Melissa Etheridge will be the latest rocker to step into the shoes of American Idiot's sinister drug dealer, St. Jimmy.

Michael Mayer said in a statement : "Billie Joe and I always believed that it would be incredible to have a woman take on the role of St. Jimmy,"

Etheridge will play the role from the first to the sixth (Armstong has it from January 18 to 30, and February 10 to -17), giving us all a chance to see whether Etheridge or Armstrong has proved Broadway box-office gold every week.

Ms. Etheridge will add her vocals to such Green Day songs as “Last of the American Girls,” “Last Night on Earth” and “Know Your Enemy.”

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