Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hayden Kho - Katrina sex video a hit in Malaysia

SELLERS of pirated DVDs in Malaysia are selling the sex videosThe Philippines’ version of Edison Chen,” a reference to the Hong Kong actor at the center of a 2008 scandal, when photographs of him having sex with various women including actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, and Cecilia Cheung, were circulated on the Internet.

In Chen’s case, police said, some 1,300 intimate photographs might have been secretly copied when the actor sent his laptop for repairs.

Malaysian pirates even came up with the artwork for the DVD, showing superimposed nude photographs of Kho and starlet Katrina Halili.

The 113-minute DVD features several videos of Kho going beyond the usual doctor-patient boundaries with the starlet, two beauty pageant contestants and some commercial models.

State Commercial Crimes Department Chief Roslee Chik said they had not received any complaints over the DVDs, but warned that anyone caught in possession of them would be charged under laws prohibiting the distribution of pornographic material, an offense punishable by three years in jail or a fine or both.

In Manila, Mayor Alfredo Lim stepped up a campaign against the proliferation of DVDs of the sex videos, and urged the public to stop buying them.

At the City Hall quadrangle, Lim oversaw the destruction of 50,000 VCDs and DVDs as part of the city government’s drive against pornography.

City officials said most of the discs were confiscated from Quiapo. Michael Caber.


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