Friday, April 4, 2008

Ramiele Malubay gets the boot from American Idol

Ramiele Malubay was the one that came up short with votes last night out of the nine remaining American Idol contestants for Season 7. She was joined in the bottom three by two other female performers - Kristy Lee Cook and Brooke White.

We had said early in the season when the guys and girls were split that once they get put together the female side of this competition would suffer the most blows early on and it looks like it’s happening. It was nice to see Jason Castro pulled things together and kept himself out of the bottom three. We really enjoy his carefree, stoner attitude and he brings the show back down to earth a little. I’m also glad to see that although Kristy was again in the bottom three, she didn’t get let go this time and I still have a good reason to watch and not just listen to the show.

It’s a little surprising to see Ramiele go this time though. Earlier this week I referred to her as more of a novelty than a great performer and I guess fewer people were Ramiele fans than I had thought, plus her name is the hardest for me to type out of the remaining contestants so I’m not sad to see the end of that, either.

Since Ramiele Malubay made her way into the top 10 she does get to go on the American Idol tour so you haven’t seen the last of her, but ironically the Filipino-American from Floridan will unfortunately not be part of the “Idol Gives Back” charity event which will be going to the Philippines in April.

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