Friday, April 4, 2008

Mansion Productions Launches Promos for Anniversary Celebration

LOS ANGELES - Mansion Productions, the 2008 XBIZ Awards' "Software Company of the Year," is celebrating 10 years in the online adult industry with special promotions.

The company will give away a free rental version of MPA3 on Monday, including setup and three months of service. The trial version can be returned at the end of the promotional period, which begins Monday.

Visit for more information about the software system and the promotional offer. Mansion Productions is the creator of the award-winning MPA3 affiliate software and MAS content management software.

While CEO Oystein Wright is proud of his company's accomplishments, he continues to look to the future.

"We were fortunate to enter this business at the right time, and we took that opportunity seriously from day one," he said. "I still see plenty of opportunity on the horizon, and I hope 10 years from now to be as proud of my company as I have been over the last decade.

"We have stood the test of time in part because we never tried to stand alone. We respect our competitors, appreciate our vendors and cherish our customers. Without all of them, we would not be the respected company that we have become."

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