Friday, January 6, 2012

Katy Perry Write a Song About Russell Brand

Katy Perry dogged by problems. She sued for divorce her husband, Russell Brand. Katy Russell also wrote about in his song lyrics.

"Ever since their problems began to emerge, he wrote all his thoughts in a diary that he wrote songs for the lyrics in his songs," said Katy.

According to the singer hits 'California Gurls', the writing can be good therapy for him. Katy prefer a vent in his diary rather than a friend. He did not want the problem to be public consumption.

"He always said that writing is a form of therapy for him and he was often found to be in the dressing room on the tour, writing his diary," explained the source.

Russell filed for divorce to Katy on 30 December. Reportedly, Katy who requested that Russell filed a lawsuit in order not to hurt his family. Katy's family is a devout Christian. They believe divorce is a very wrong thing. But Katy and Russell's marriage finally was coming to an end after 14 months they together.

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