Thursday, January 12, 2012

Isabella Yang Scandal Video, Isabella Yang Masturbation Videos Spread

Sexy singer and model, Isabella Yang is pretty embarrassing having problems. Personal video recording she was masturbating circulated widely on the Internet.

Initially seven-minute recording duration was addressed to a lady friend who was then living in England. But suddenly the video was leaked, when his girlfriend tried to send it back recorded images to himself. Similarly, as reported by Sohu, Thursday (05/01/2012).

"I share the video with my friends who live abroad. To tell him that a lot of ways to vent their sexual desires while your partner was not at hand," said Isabella

Isabella Yang claims, masturbation can be one way to prevent infidelity. Just because it is not channeled. "This is the way that women do not go out to seduce men. And I think that behavior should be supported," he said.

Isabella denied allegations she was looking for a sensation with her masturbation videos spread on the internet.

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