Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Google Puts Itself in the Penalty Box, After Chrome Ads Flap

After Chrome Ads Flap, Google Puts Itself In the Penalty Box. Google has strict guidelines against paid links that don’t carry the nofollow link attribute. They have been known to ban sites for the practice, and now it has been discovered that Google has been participating in a bit of this itself, at least indirectly.

Danny Sullivan it will penalize the “pagerank” of for “at least 60 days.” Google has blamed the pay-per-post campaign on ad network Unruly Media, but says “Google should be held to a higher standard, so we have taken stricter action than we would against a typical site.”

Here’s a sample of what Cutts has had to say on sponsored links in the past:

Clear disclosure of sponsorship is critical, and that includes disclosure for search engines. If link in a paid post would affect search engines, that link should not pass PageRank (e.g. by using the nofollow attribute). Google — and other search engines — do take action which can include demoting sites that sell links that pass PageRank, for example.

The whole thing was brought to light when SEOBook’s Aaron Wall discovered some paid blog posts showing up in search results. Some posts, he said, are paid and have live links in them to Google Chrome without using nofollow, and talk about SEO in the same post. He notes that all of the posts are “buying YouTube video views”. They feature this video:

Google, which says it had no idea it was paying bloggers to promote its Chrome browser, is punishing itself for doing so.

Link To The Full Story :

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