Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brittany Kerr Bikini Photo on American Idol 2012

Contestant on American Idol Bikini Girl. American Idol already has a huge fan favorite. And Brittany Kerr, a cheerleader for the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats and now a contestant on American Idol and make a massive surge in traffic from peeps looking for Brittany Kerr bikini photos crashed her manager's website the following day.

Apparently Brittany Kerr sparked the interest of the public who took to the internet and started searching for hot pictures with her, Brittany Kerr Bikini Photo.

Kerr's management company wasn't the only thing affected. Jim Merrill, a photographer who recently shot Brittany Kerr in a bikini, had to buy more bandwidth.

Enkamp's owner Chandler Harrelson said a sudden upsurge in visitors following her eye-catching performance on the hit show overwhelmed their servers and brought down their webpage.
He said: 'We were prepared for it to be big, it just exceeded our expectations.
'We were monitoring the traffic as she appeared on the show, and as soon as her name was displayed on the screen, boom, traffic shot through the roof, with thousands of simultaneous users per second.
'To prevent loading issues, we swapped out a redirect to her facebook fanpage while we moved to a more robust server.'
The stunning Charlotte Bobcats dancer has became an internet sensation after appearing on the singing show


Video : Brittany Kerr, Audition American Idol 2012 :

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