Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sex Problems Most Often Experienced by Women

Women more introverted and shy reveal sexual problems they experienced. Not infrequently a woman suddenly reluctant to have sex with a partner without knowing the cause.

As reported by The Stir, The Journal of the American Medicine Association (JAMA) written in 1999 revealed the problem of sex can be experienced by men and women, but most often experienced by women. In the journal disclosed that the three most common sexual problems experienced by women.

1. Lack of Sexual Desire
This problem is almost experienced by many people, both men and women. However, the most frequently experienced a lack of sexual desire is a woman. The cause of the lack of sex drive could be due to fatigue, stress due to problems at work, personal problems, as well as being within the treatment period.

2. Difficult to get orgasm
No doubt, most women do have a problem with the difficulty of achieving 'enjoyment'. Difficult woman aroused indeed often associated with lack of sexual desire. But there are also women who are aroused, but difficult to get orgasm. Again, the cause of stress and frustration on the issue of sex.

3. Pain During Sex
The pain arising during lovemaking are generally caused due to a lack of vaginal lubrication or endometriosis. In certain cases, pain during sex due to the congenital condition of the body or various other things depending on one's physical condition. One of the physical symptoms that cause pain during sex is medically known as vulvodynia or vulvar vestibulitis. Until now, the experts still do not know exactly what causes the condition.


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