Sunday, December 25, 2011

Namibia : Mysterious Ball as Sonic Boom Fall Over from the Sky

In a meadow in the northern part of country Namibia, allegedly found a mysterious ball falling from the sky. Mysterious ball with a diameter of 35 cm and weighs 6 kilograms were discovered about 750 kilometers (480 miles) from the Windhoek. The local government immediately complained to the NASA and European Space Agency to investigate the findings.

About 18 yards from where the discovery of this ball, there is a hole as deep as 33 centimeters and 3.8 meters wide. Before the ball is found by a farmer on his land, some residents claimed to hear a small explosion a few days earlier.

According to forensic experts, Paul Ludik, the ball was made of metal alloys that are recognized by humans. "The ball has a rough surface and appears to consist of two parts welded together," said Ludik quoted as saying by AFP news agency. He explained that the explosion was heard by local residents 'sonic boom' when it came down to earth, or sound from the impact with the ground.

Deputy Inspector of Police, Vilho Hifindaka concludes the ball does not pose any danger. "It's not explosive, but a hollow ball, but we have to investigate all of this before," he said.

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