Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim Kardashian's husband divorced Not Real

Kim Kardashian was determined to divorce her husband, Kris Humphries. Kim has filed for divorce to the court. Humphries did not stay silent. He was ready to 'fight' so as not divorced Kim.

After Kim decided to divorce, Humphries spoke directly. The first word that comes out of the mouth Humphries is, "I love my wife."

Humphries admitted that he would work hard to be his marriage to Kim did not end in divorce. As quoted from Hollywoodlife, Humphries admitted sad and heartbroken when Kim said he wants a divorce from him.

Humphries claims he wants to live forever with the woman he loves it. "I am committed to this marriage and all the deal. I love my wife and I were devastated when she filed for divorce," said Humphries.

The big man was then continued, he would do anything for his marriage to Kim is still running and avoid divorce. "I'll do anything so that everything can run," he said.

Humphries returned wearing her wedding ring. In fact, when the household is rumored to crack, Humphries looks off the ring. Humphries used the ring as Kim filed for divorce on October 31 last.

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