Friday, November 4, 2011

Courtney Stodden Like Look Without Her Makeup

Courtney Stodden made a coffee run in sky-high heels, short shorts and a midrif-baring tank top with her signature clear, plastic bra straps visible as always, but something was missing -- her makeup.

Courtney Stodden grabbed her coffee, looking like we've never seen her before. While most celebrities do look better with makeup, this is a much better look for the 17-year-old.[]

Courtney Stodden is wearing the least amount of make-up possible because virtually everyone looked. Courtney Stodden making the most natural faces I’ve ever seen anyone make in their life.[]

She walks back home after grabbing a coffee at the local Starbucks near her home. Courtney Stodden Like Look Without Her Makeup

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