Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wanted, Female Similar Like Lady GaGa

"Wanted an actress with a similar physical appearance as Lady GaGa, and can look quite convincingly portray girls aged 16 to 22 years. Can singing would be a plus though not a major requirement," that's the sound of casting announcements released the Lifetime television network. They were planning to produce a film about the life story of Lady GaGa.

The title of the movie is a FAME MONSTER: THE STORY LADY GaGa and lifted from the book by Maureen Callahan entitled POKER FACE: THE RISE AND RISE OF LADY GaGa. Norman Snider believed to change the book published in 2010 it became a screenplay but no names mentioned as the director of this exciting project.

The movie itself, according to Contact Music, will include a fairly long time span. FAME MONSTER: THE STORY LADY GaGa will begin as a pop singer named Joanne Stefani Germanotta Angelina was still in high school, rebelled from the culture that surrounded and finally decided to quit school and started his career in the music world. Casting organized Lifetime also mentions Lady GaGa traits such as dark hair and was raised in an Italian neighborhood.

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