Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Taxi driver Mr Billis Being Mummified Egyptian Pharaoh on British TV

A taxi driver Alan Billis become the first person in 3,000 years to be mummified like an Egyptian pharaoh. British TV viewers will show an Egyptian pharaoh.

The 61 year old volunteered for the process after learning he had terminal lung cancer. Following his death, experts preserved his body, employing techniques used by the ancient Egyptians on the remains of pharaohs such as Tutankhamun.

Sources say the dead man, from the West Country, had a keen interest in preservation techniques used at the time of Tutankhamun.

He is not expected to be identified until next week when his family will explain why he agreed to be part of the show.

Taxi driver Mr Billis, who has been dubbed Torquay’s Tutankhamun, explained his unusual decision in the documentary, saying: ‘People have been leaving their bodies to science for years, and if people don’t volunteer for anything nothing gets found out.’

Over a period of several months following his death in January, Mr Billis’s internal organs were removed and kept in jars, with the exception of his brain and heart.

His skin was covered in a mixture of oils and resins and bathed in a solution of Natron, a salt found in dried-up river beds in Egypt.

After a month in a glass tank at the Medico-Legal Centre in Sheffield, which houses the city’s mortuary, his body was taken out, placed in a drying chamber and wrapped in linen.

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