Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ecco Camper Van

Ecco Camper Van. Activities in the holidays with traditional van is quite practical and fun, unfortunately limited. And many people are fed up with this

Now design experts in Switzerland wanted to bring that experience ends with the concept of holiday vans with double the size of a deck that can be played thanks.

Vehicles like the tears are called Ecco, an environmentally friendly electric-powered vehicles, emission-free, while the roof is fitted with solar panels to charge the battery for eight hours to 24 hours of use. Length 15 feet, fit to sleep up to five people, giving extra room to kitchen, bathroom, and lounge.

With a distinctive style of a Swiss Army knife, the walls of each room can be folded, and the seats can fold to create extra space.

Ecco Camper Van

As further attested, this vehicle is designed to quickly charge at a standard 240V station. Surprisingly, it was verified from similar record that the pod can even open up to provide maximum space, the sleeping loft rolls up, the bathroom and entry pod flip open and the entry stairs fold downward from the pod.

"We want this vehicle to be as a new generation camper inspired by the design classics of Airstream or Volkswagen Camper vans.," said a spokeswoman for Nau, a company which designs Ecco, as reported by Mail Online, Friday (7 / 10).

Michael J. Brown, one of Nau’s designers, reportedly describes the vehicle design as foldable, which allows ample freedom to use it just as you want.

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