Monday, October 24, 2011

Born This Way: Collection Lady Gaga with a Thick Liquid

Lady GaGa was seen wearing a hat that resembles a super wide plate and high-heeled footwear. While posing, GaGa looks disgusting because her body was
covered with a thick liquid.

Born This Way Remix, Born This Way: Collection has also been released on the internet. Front cover picture was not much weird as the other albums. GaGa is seen sitting with a black background. Costumes used in the album are reminiscent of the costume of meat he had used when receiving awards and the MTV Music Awards. Only this time costumes like melted flesh.

The album that this one is worth buying by the little monsters, GaGa fans must buy this album in the album because a lot of great musicians who come to do it like Goldfrapp, Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club and The Weekend. One of the songs in this album that can be enjoyed online before the album that tilled in circulation is repeated by Judas Hurts.

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