Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amazing Twins - Kaydon and Layton Wood, black and white twins

Each year, 12,000 sets of twins are born in Britain. Of these, 385 of them are black or mixed race. But those like Kaydon and Layton Wood are rare – only one couple a year will have a black and a white twin. the The boys are often stopped in the street by passers-by who can’t believe it when they are told the pair are not only brothers, but twins.

In fact, the twins have been making headlines in regional newspapers since they were born – because one is white and the other black.

But this once unheard of phenomenon is on the increase and some experts even predict that having twins who are polar opposites in colour could actually become almost commonplace.

Dr Jim Wilson, a population geneticist at the University of Edinburgh, explains: ‘You can predict that two pure-bred white people can’t have black and white twins, just as two pure-bred African people can’t either.

However, it is not possible to predict exactly what colour people who have a mixed African and European heritage will be. ‘Since parents contribute 50 per cent of the genes each to an offspring, the first generation born to a mixed-race couple will definitely be midway in colour between the two. View full the original story Amazing Twins - oblack and white twins

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