Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sensual Photo Lin Chi-ling Leaked

Taiwan actress and model, Lin Chi-ling, make an uproar after pictures emerged with a sensual pose like him in cyberspace.

Sensual photo of Lin Chi-ling has uploaded by someone in the specializes community in pornographic images at Hong Hong. There are two outstanding photo. The first picture, top model was seen wearing only a white sexy corset, posing astride on a big rock. Another photo shows the body position Chi-ling a seductive, revealing her breasts are plump.

When confirmed, Lin Chi-Iing unknow act like anything about the photo. Meanwhile, his assistant said, Lin Chi-ling will not give any comment related to the photos.

Disturbed by the news, as well as to clear his name Lin Chi-ling plans to report the case to the authorities.

Lin Chi-ling is a Taiwan's Model and actress, who was born in Taipei on November 29, 1974. Lin is famous for its soft attitude and her physical beauty. Lin even touted as 'The first face of Taiwan'.

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