Monday, September 19, 2011

Brad Pitt Reveals Rift with Jennifer Aniston

Actor Brad Pitt reveals rift with the former star of household series "Friends", Jennifer Aniston, as Pitt continues to pretend there is no "something".

In an interview with Parade magazine, Pitt admitted he was not a good husband following the divorce lawsuit with Aniston.

"I spent the time to dodge, retreat from the hustle and bustle of keartisan. I began to feel bored sitting on the couch holding his knees, hiding.'s Very sad," he said.

"Very clearly I tried to find the shadow of the good life, but I myself just not in a good life. I think my marriage could fix it. Trying to pretend the wedding is not nothing," added Pitt.

Brad Pitt - Jennifer Aniston Marriage ended in 2005 and ultimately chose Angelina Jolie.

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