Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4Shared Will be Blocked from Indonesia

Because the IT Act on the spread of the work of someone, now 4shared will be blocked by the government of Indonesia. Communication and Information Ministry plans to block the sharing site from the U.S., been prepared systematically. 4shared is sharing sites that can be used free of charge. 4shared is the biggest sites that is often used to menyimpat netter song files, video, documents so that others can download it for free.

4shared blocked will be a constraint for the wearer, if indeed this fact will be realized the government especially the Ministry of Communications and Information.

Tifatul Sembiring, Minister of Communication and Information explains, 4shared is a provider of video sites young children, music, graphics with a large capacity. According to him, violate 4shared IT Act which is about the spread of other people's work without permission. "The threat 12 years in prison," he said and hinted the government Tifatul immediately block sites deemed illegal music downloads. The main target of large sites like 4shared.

Basically 4Shared have TOS, which prohibits the user to upload / download files illegally. And it seems the 4shared would be very enthusiastic to assist the government in Indonesia to protect musicians against copyright.

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