Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teenage University Student Sells Virginity Online

Teenage University Student Sells Virginity Online. A Belgian student has sold her virginity in an online auction for the equivalent of £45,000. The 21-year-old named only as Noelle put her body up for sale on the Amsterdam-based Yantra escort girl site in March. Now after two months of bidding, she has accepted an offer from a mystery buyer. Noelle describes herself on the website as 'a very sweet and innocent girl, but with a bit of a naughty mind'. Student Sells Virginity Online.

Noelle later gave an interview to Belgium's Panorama magazine, in which she refused to reveal her identity, but said: 'I'm just a normal girl and my parents would be mortified if they found out what I was doing.

Read Noelle, the Belgian student who has sold her virginity after two months of bidding. She does not want to be identified in case her parents find out

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2 komentar:

rash said...

For me, it's still cheap. The price should higher from that.

taq said...

Yup, i agree with you. But, i think she should keep her virginity for someone who love her. :)

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