Friday, January 7, 2011

Polaroid is Revealing Grey Label with Lady Gaga

Polaroid is Revealing Grey Label with Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was tapped to be the Creative Director at Polaroid in an attempt to bring a mix of fashion and technology to the brand.

Lady Gaga announced her plans to help Polaroid to revive Polaroid camera product, after production discontinuation in 2008. This collaboration is expected able to help Polaroid camera sales increased again.

Lady GaGa and Polaroid are set to unveil their first join venture together. “Polaroid Grey Label” is a combined effort between GaGa and the iconic company and shall be shown to the world for the first time.

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A year in the making, Polaroid Grey Label is a collaboration between two of the most influential icons of our time. Polaroid and Lady Gaga. Join us at as we reveal the next generation instant experience.

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