Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not For Me, Rihanna Texted a Topless Photo

hey, I have more Rihanna's topless photo after she broke up with Chris Brown. I really like she as the queen of pop, he was so agile for a stage act. But many people been tweeted is very shocking news, Rihanna's photo topless leak again on the net. What were you thinking? The Pop Singer reportedly texted a topless photo to her ex-boyfriend.

The photo is now making its way across the Internet. Just standard male lust. Only men who want to peep this photo, the rest do not. This photo is very sexy with her appearance in front of the mirror, take pictures with her phone, with topless wearing only black Panties. I think She Texted a Topless Photo for me, but to her Ex 'Sports Star' Boyfriend, Matt Kemp.

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