Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Marcela Temer as the wife of vice president,

In the new government cabinet of President Dilma Rousseff, after the last New Year, Brazil gets hot news with the emergence of the beautiful and young face, Marcela Temer. Former beauty queen participants aged 27 years has suddenly become the center of attention all the Brazilian media. Mrs Temer's appearance has also been one of the most commented subjects on the social networking website Twitter.

Reuters writes:
The blonde law school graduate met her husband seven years ago when she asked him for a photo at an event in her hometown in rural Sao Paulo state, and he requested her phone number in return.

Photos of Marcela Temer and her 70-year-old husband, Vice President Michel Temer, were plastered across the front pages of local newspapers for a second straight day on Monday after the pair turned heads at weekend inauguration ceremonies

Marcela helped Dilma Rousseff campaign with a statement posted on the official website of the then candidate in which he defended the role of women in Brazilian society and pledged to contribute to improving the situation of the country. "Women can show that they do very well as housewives, mothers, doctors, lawyers and presidents. The government of Lula is really excellent and Dilma will continue and further improve the country. I have confidence that together with Michel Dilma will help this improvement. As vice first lady, wife of Vice President, I want to contribute a lot to help our country, "he reasoned.

Marcela plans to follow the written examination to ascertain whether he is eligible to open a law and consulting firm will undertake charitable activities, if there is a demand in that direction, as the wife of vice president.

Pictures and biography of the wife of the vice president of 27 years was on the News and Hot Celeb

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