Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to Lose Weight Kenneth Tong Controvercy

Kenneth Tong is an ex Big Brother contestant, apparently he is a playboy from Hong Kong and he is currently trending on Twitter for his comments regarding how to lose weight. It seems he is a fan of something called “managed anorexia”. He was recently tweeting things like "Managed anorexia is a lifestyle, not a diet."
Kenneth Tong has been promoting managed anorexia on Twitter,  this to show that people r beautiful no matter what their size.

That "managed anorexia isn't a diet, but a lifestyle"

He's gathered some attention and gained criticism. As it turns out, Kenneth Tong is just gathering attention for his new product, the aptly named 'Size Zero Pill.'

So if you can do this according to advice from him, Kenneth Tong. Young woman should be focused on achieving healthy minds, healthy bodies, and heathy souls. Anorexia recovery is a long road to gradual. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, each of us should embrace ourselves. God did not make mistakes.
A warm conversation, where Kenneth can make a person can lose weight.

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