Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Dilemma Trailer and Review

"The Dilemma" barely qualifies as a comedy film which stars Vince Vaughn and Kevin James as two buddies whose friendship is challenged when the former discovers that the latter’s wife is cheating on him. The film also stars Winona Ryder as the philandering wife, in a performance that many critics are praising, despite the movie’s larger flaws. The Dilemma : Review Revue, Review: The dilemma in 'The Dilemma' just isn't funny

Unexpectedly sour, "The Dilemma" barely qualifies as a comedy. Though it offers plenty of larky scenes such as Vince Vaughn and Kevin James man-dancing together at the Green Mill (the popular Chicago jazz club), or taking in a Blackhawks game, it's darker than any of the ads suggest. Audiences deserve the truth going into director Ron Howard's film, which is fundamentally misdirected — or rather, directed in a style to be named later — and all over the place in a way Howard's films rarely are. [Michael Phillips, ChicagoTribune]

“Not that you can’t make a comedy about marital dysfunction, a cheating spouse, dishonest best friend, addictive personality and violent rage. But it better be very dark or edging into farce. The Dilemma is so tone deaf to its themes that it thinks it’s a light and slightly rude Vince Vaughn movie. It’s not.” [Kirk Honeycutt, THR]

The dilemma of "The Dilemma" is that the conundrum at the center of the story isn't particularly hilarious: If Bachelor A finds out that Married Best Friend B's wife is secretly cheating on him, should A tell B? So they cast Kevin James (the rotund, funny everyguy) as Nick, the cuckolded husband, and Vince Vaughn (the tall, funning, faux slickster) as Ronny, the friend with the unenviable dilemma. [Lisa Schwarzbaum, EW]

The title of The Dilemma comes from Vince Vaughn's conundrum. He's caught his best friend's wife cheating, should he tell him? Should he confront her? And what about Kevin and Vince's efforts to build an electric car engine that sounds like a classic muscle car? Ah yes, let us not forget that silly plot point, for it's the very reason Vaughn can't enlighten James, because he's just too busy working on the project! But a terrible storyline could have been easily forgiven if the script had deigned to include jokes or moments of jocularity. It does not. [Laremy Legel, seattlepi]

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