Thursday, December 30, 2010

Versatile and Chic: The Miche Bag!

The concept of the Miche Bag’s interchangeable shells comes from the idea that women are versatile; women want to be able to not only express themselves, but to do so efficiently and effectively. At Miche, we offer so many different shells that it would be difficult to find one that didn’t reflect you! From suede, to straw, to plastic, purses are being made in every material possible around the globe.

Because of this, women spend hours eyeing every handbag they can at the mall! It’s perfectly normal for a woman to spend between three to four hours at the mall, searching for that perfect purse that’s rightly priced. That’s why at Miche we’ve created an online gallery, so women can spend those three to four hours at home; and chances are, they’re going to find a unique Miche Bag shell that fits their personality completely.

As the holiday season approaches, the time spent shopping for gifts for friends and family will inherently quadruple; so what can you do to be prepared? And what makes a good gift in this cost-efficient economy? If you’re thinking of gifting somebody with a designer purse, look no farther. The Miche Bag has replaceable and easy to clean shells, making it easy to change your look within minutes. Miche Bag allows every woman the opportunity to leave hassle and stress behind – and say hello to an affordable, chic purse. from The Miche Bag


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