Monday, December 13, 2010

Become a New Ocean : The New Ocean in Africa

African continent will witness the birth of an ocean that eventually expected to become a new ocean. This conclusion is expressed by a number of researchers from the Royal Society, a scientific group from London, England.

All the cracks initiated from the emergence of land in the area of Ethiopia in 2005. Cracks which reach a length of 60 kilometers was widened, reaching 8 feet in 10 days. In fact, under normal conditions, it takes approximately 230 years for cracks reach 8 meters wide.

The geologist, who conducted the study in Afar, a remote region on Ethiopia stated, these cracks will eventually break down the African continent into two parts. Even so, the researchers estimated, parting of the African continent this will happen in 10 million years into the future.

"This is an extraordinary thing," said Dr Tim Wright, head of the research team, who had observed cracks in the Afar during the last 5 years, as quoted by TG Daily, December 12, 2010. "This continent is now split right under our feet," he said.

Cracks in the region caused by the soft impulse heat rocks, which originated far from the earth. The amount of drive power makes the surface of the soil above it to be broke.

The problem, until recently, an underground explosion still continue to occur in the region and in the end piece of the African region that is partially Ethiopia and Somalia will be separated from the continent.

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