Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Facebook Filter Feature

Facebook is rolling out a new way to filter the news feed. Users with access to the redesigned feature see a drop-down arrow beside their Most Recent news feed tab on the home page, revealing filters for status updates, Photos, Links, Pages, Games and friend lists. Facebook has implemented different designs of news feed filters over the years to help users view updates of specific content types or from certain subsets of their friends. As users add more friends and Likes, a filtering mechanism is key to keeping the feed relevant.

These new options are a form of allowing the all-important Newsfeed to be filtered by context, lending it a greater feeling of control and cohesiveness. The current design prompts users to view updates in time-based order only, but sometimes you want to view a certain type of update or updates from certain groups of your social contacts.

Inside Facebook has discovered a new drop-down menu under the News Feed's "Most Recent" tab that lists organizational viewing options, including filters for Games, Status Updates, Photos, Links, Pages and Friends Lists.

The Games filter provides a quick and easy way for gamers to view news about apps they've subscribed to.

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