Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IP address configuration on the iphone

You can run a web service, especially for Iphone and Ipod can use the unix server. Where EDGE or 3G can not ditemput the Iphone and Ipod because of the limitations your cellular service provider to get Wi-Fi network.
If you want to open all services in the iphone, there are several ways to manage configurations.
You can conigure your home or office router to allow connections to your iphone

By installing an IP address configuration on the iphone, you can connect to the Internet, such as 192.168.xx or 10.0.xx. Dynamic ip addresses are private or public ip addresses handed to the computer when it boots up. Because you can not connect the iPhone directly to a cable modem or DSL connection, you'll have to do the next best thing: port forwarding from your network router to your iphone.
If you needed to open up all of the services on your iphone (on a temporary basis with no firewall) you can put your iphone into the DMZ, a place where there is no firewall protection between the Internet and your device.

Dynamic ip addresses can be used with your own domain name, but the usual quick and effective way is to sign up for a free account and then enable the Dynamic DNS feature in the router.

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