Monday, December 21, 2009

Conditions Overcome Own

What happens when one grain of gravel thrown in the pond water is cool ...?

When noted, the center where the pebble is dropped into the lake, will create a wave that ripples all over the world playing pool.

And can you stop it?

It will not be possible only with time at all, you can stop it. If you try to enter the palm of his hand into the water. Or also took a stick, or both your legs. ? What happened?
What happened just the more you make a mistake, the more the emerging waves. The only way to stop the wave speed by letting stopped himself.

Similarly, with peace and our minds. The harder you do something on your mind, the more difficult you achieve that peace. Look at it ...!
You do not deny or terminate existing ripple in your mind. Let your mind gradually quiet. Peace of self-originated from the peace of mind, while the peace of mind starts from rest breathing. In a quiet breath will surely find a quiet soul .... So begins this second appeal your breath, feel how?

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